55% Alu-zinc steel


1. Thickness: 0.13mm-0.8mm

2. Width: 600mm – 1250mm

3. Standard: JIS G3312-CGCC, CGC340-570, (G550)

ASTM A755M CS-B, SS255-SS550

4. Zinc (Alu-Zinc) coating: 40-120 g / m 2

5. Hardness: G300- G550

6. Packing:

Each bare coil is firmly tied to the two bands by a coil (or not) and a circumferential eye.

The contacts on the edge of the coil are protected by an edge protector.

The coil is then wrapped in a waterproof / abrasive paper and then properly wrapped in metal.

Wooden and iron pallet can be used or as your request. (Horizontal and vertical).

7. Coil weight: 3.0? 25 Mt

8. Coil diameter: 508 mm / 610 mm

9. Delivery time: 15 – 30 days.

10. Payment terms: TT and L/C